Stephi Wagner, please stop hurting the anti-spanking community NOW!

The slander you are posting toward many in the anti-spanking community, almost all allegations of which are baseless, and believed by many within the community to be perpetrated by you over disagreements with others in the community, is disgusting, counter-productive to the anti- spanking movement, and needs to stop.

Every time anyone has ever had a disagreement with you about anything, you vehemently attack them, or worse, try to discredit them with slander and unproven accusations.

Your attacks of Sujai Johnston and Vivek Patel in particular are beyond disgusting. They are good people and your feeble attempts to slander them for things which we both know they are not even guilty, and to direct people to harass them, are a cheap shot, and one of many reasons why many anti-spanking, peaceful parenting, and children's rights groups on Facebook and other social media have banned you and avoid you like the plague. Is it your goal to destroy the anti-spanking movement? You will not.

You are hurting the anti-spanking community. Please stop, now.

Sincerely, Several pissed off members of the anti-spanking community you have yet to slander, who choose to remain anonymous to try to keep you from coming after us, but know you probably will eventually anyway.